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Letter: Trump is capitalizing on the power of fear

Trump is capitalizing on the power of fear

I think I understand the millions voting for Donald Trump. These are the people from the movie “Network” being led in the chant, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.” We have such serious problems that a dictatorial approach might seem like a good idea to them.

But I’ve wondered why any politician would support him. I think something new is in the political air: fear. The thinking goes like this: “If I support Trump, and Hillary Clinton wins, nothing happens to me. But if I support Clinton, and Trump wins, he’ll get even.”

Many presidents get even to varying degrees; Richard Nixon comes to mind. But from the tone of his voice and the extremity of his views, Trump could exact serious revenge on his opponents.

Some compare Trump’s rise to Hitler’s. I thought that was hyperbole until I read a book titled “1924.” When the 1923 Beer Hall Putsch failed and Hitler was put on trial, he later remembered who supported him and who helped put him in jail. A year after he became chancellor (in a free election, by the way), the SS killed 100 of his political opponents in a single night.

We should all look closely at the person we would make president and not expect him or her to fix everything with the wave of a hand or even the wave of a sword. The problems are too complex for that. Vote for whom you want, but make sure you’ll want this person in charge for four years.

David Irvin