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Letter: ‘Godspell’ was great, but difficult to hear

‘Godspell’ was great, but difficult to hear

Recently I had the privilege of attending the musical “Godspell” at Williamsville North High School. Some talented students spent a lot of time for the shows in March.

The families and the general public got an awesome choreographed show of dancing and singing. The new LED lighting was linked with the songs, creating special moods. Dance moves were well-timed and shared with some excellent singing; everyone was in step for the show.

However, neither I, my mother nor the other patrons around us could understand a lot of the words because of the vintage sound system. The sound coming from the wireless microphones was neither clear nor evenly dispersed by the outdated system.

The professional-sounding orchestra also could use a boost, with some studio features added to the stage to direct its beautiful sound outward toward the audience. Please convey this message to the School Board and local politicians.

John C. Stonefield