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Letter: Trump is not the answer for working-class people

Trump is not the answer for working-class people

With all the disgust regarding the way our government is run, Donald Trump has capitalized on the anger and frustration of the working class. However Trump is the last thing we need.

For such a patriot, he is still running his Chinese plants manufacturing his products, and Ivanka Trump’s as well.

He supports right-to-work, which means you make less in those states as union power is eroded.

For someone who pretends to be for workers, he still refused to recognize his newly unionized workers in Las Vegas and negotiate a contract.

He believes in using guest workers. This means companies can find a reason to not hire an American and then allow these people into the country, usually at lower wages, and companies can save huge amounts by not paying the extra costs associated with an American worker.

Trump has stated, “Americans are overpaid.” He does not believe in a living wage.

He has been caught bringing in foreign workers and paying them less to build his Trump Tower.

He believes in giving more tax breaks to the wealthy, which we have experienced for the past 40 years and clearly does not work.

In the meantime, we have a candidate with a solid record of fighting for the working class and the media ignore him. His name is Bernie Sanders and I dare you to compare his record with Trump. Visit

Diana Butsch

West Falls