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Letter: Increase funds to agencies that assist disabled people

Increase funds to agencies that assist disabled people

As a parent, legal guardian and sole caregiver of a 24-year-old developmentally disabled son, I am very concerned about his future.

Despite the fact that there is a $7.5 billion surplus in the state budget, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo has proposed $350 million in tax cuts for small businesses to reduce the burden of the $15 per hour minimum wage increase, he has yet to propose in his budget funding for nonprofit agencies serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to provide the increase in minimum wage for their direct support professionals.

Nonprofit agencies’ funding has suffered cuts over the past seven years. Families and individuals who have been waiting for services from these agencies, and those whose current services are about to be drastically reduced without that funding, must let the governor know how desperately they need him to keep his promise to protect, support and adequately fund programs and housing for these neediest and most vulnerable New York legal citizens.

Elizabeth Murphy