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Letters for March 27

Her’s hoping hoop success means more overall support

A big congratulations to the UB men’s and women’s, and St. Bonaventure’s women’s basketball teams on making their respective NCAA Tournaments. It was great to see fans in Western New York getting behind their local teams to watch the tournament games, as well as the increased media coverage associated with the teams making the Big Dance. But it also makes you wonder why WNY sports fans can’t support all of our local college teams more every year, and not just during a championship season.

We are fortunate to have four Division I colleges here in WNY, and it’s always disappointing to see people that live in Buffalo calling themselves North Carolina or Michigan fans during basketball season, or Alabama or Texas fans during football season, especially when we have hometown colleges competing at the same level. It’s true that our colleges don’t have the storied traditions or national championships to boast of like some of these other schools, and aren’t members of major conferences, but there are a lot of very talented college athletes and coaches right here in Western New York that need, and deserve, all the support they can get.

With Division I college athletics, especially basketball and football, as popular as they have become, there is no reason to not have better attendance at the home games for all of the WNY colleges, especially in a great sports town like Buffalo. Although it’s true that some of the Big 4 basketball schools’ home courts don’t have the same feel of Cameron Indoor Stadium at Duke, and that a football game at UB Stadium will never look like a football game at Ohio State, there are still plenty of Buffalo sports fans, and alumni and students from these schools to help fill the stands and create more exciting atmospheres at the home games.

As a former UB student athlete, I’m very proud of both the men’s and women’s basketball teams’ great success this year, as well as some very impressive accomplishments from athletes in other sports at UB, but I certainly hope that the most recent success from the basketball teams help bring more fan support to UB athletics, as well as the athletics programs of the other Big 4 schools here in WNY. With that support, hopefully the conference championships, bowl games, and NCAA Tournament appearances will not only continue, but become more frequent.

Dr. Ken Sansone


It’s time to get the picture: It’s the city, not the state

How sad to see the Albany Great Danes women’s basketball team proudly wearing ALBANY on their jerseys while the University of Buffalo ladies wear state university of NEW YORK at Buffalo on theirs.

The AD who had that idea is gone.

How long will it take to get rid of those ridiculous jerseys?

John Varga


By reading the fine print, you’ll see what’s important

When a contract is drawn up, in fine print is where you find the information that for some reason wants to be hidden. Such is the case with the University at Buffalo uniforms. In big bold print “NEW YORK,” but in small print is “Buffalo.”

Apparently someone is ashamed of Buffalo or doesn’t want it to be known the campus is in Buffalo. Anyone on a national level will think the school is in New York City. A slap in the face.

At one time I was a follower and supporter of UB athletics. I am now a former supporter and will remain so until the small print becomes the large print.

David Schaff


As usual, Bills’ thinking is one step behind the Patriots

I have to agree with Tyler Dunne’s comments on Chris Hogan. The Patriots always seem to make the right decisions to keep themselves on top. Hogan was a keeper but GM Whaley didn’t see it. The Pats did. What’s new?

Richard J. Sherwood


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