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Letter: Why not hire local company to redesign Buffalo website?

Why not hire local company to redesign Buffalo website?

Our local government leaders love to promote economic development in Western New York, as they should. Recently, it was announced that the City of Buffalo has decided to modernize its website. That’s great news – all the better to promote Buffalo and Western New York.

So, where is the city planning to spend its money (reportedly over $100,000) to develop its website? Not in Western New York. Not even in New York State. It will hire a company based in Toronto. Are you kidding me?

There are plenty of qualified and talented web-development companies here. Why would our city leaders choose to spend taxpayer dollars (and revenue generated by local businesses) in Toronto instead of supporting a business in Western New York? I guess they really don’t believe their public statements about the importance of patronizing our local business community. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Kevin Crosby