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Letter: Voters need to realize that Trump is a fascist

Voters need to realize that Trump is a fascist

This country is in deep trouble! Remember Hitler and Mussolini? They both were elected by the people. The electorate got what it deserved. Mechanized genocide on a scale we still have trouble internalizing. Over 60 million people dead. A whole continent in ashes. This is what you are voting for when you vote for Donald Trump.

Look from within. What is his appeal? Is it the racist card he plays? Is it the demonizing of the “other”? He said he is going to build up the military to make Mexico pay for the wall he wants to build. Is that what people want – a war with Mexico?

Trump is a billionaire who inherited tons of money from his father. He is not for the white, working-class voters who are base. He is a dangerous fascist. An ignorant, sociopathic bully who will destroy this country. Go ahead, vote for him. But don’t say, like the Germans, “we didn’t know.”

Spencer Lingenfelter