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Letter: Clinton’s ‘accomplishments’ are nothing to boast about

Clinton’s ‘accomplishments’ are nothing to boast about

Ask Hillary Clinton’s supporters to name her accomplishments as senator and secretary of state. Nothing but blank stares. To help jog any faulty memories, here is a list of some of her lifetime accomplishments:

Clinton was one of the few Democratic senators to enthusiastically support President George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq, which caused the deaths of up to a million innocent people and resulted in the creation of the terrorist Islamic State. She also supported hawkish aggression in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Honduras, Bahrain, Morocco, Ukraine and Iran. Clinton unilaterally supports Israel’s cruel oppression of Palestinian women and children and has even defended Israel’s deadly assault on an unarmed Turkish peace flotilla.

Her Clinton Foundation accepts contributions from the most misogynistic nation in the world, Saudi Arabia. Although Saudi Arabia is one of the largest exporters of terrorism and most violent oppressors of women, she calls for yet closer American ties.

Clinton hoped to repeat the results of the economically catastrophic NAFTA – which devastated American workers – by supporting the Trans-Pacific Partnership; a lopsided deal she originally called “The Gold Standard in Trade Agreements.”

She attacked the unemployed and the poor by lobbying for her husband’s so-called Family Support Act, which includes strict limits on how long recipients can receive crucial benefits.

She has reaped huge speaking fees from campaign donors including Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase. Wall Street would love a Clinton presidency.

It seems her supporters may not be silent because of faulty memories, but rather from embarrassment.

Terry Todoroff