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Letter: Republican Party is at risk of falling apart

Republican Party is at risk of falling apart

After the well-respected presidencies of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, the Clinton-inspired Republican Revolution and its hyperpartisanship, vitriol and cynicism have ultimately led to the current fiasco of a nomination process. Regrettably for the country, the Republican Party is at risk of falling apart.

To survive and prosper, the party must follow through on its postmortem after the last presidential election and become a party of vision, accomplishment, diversity and optimism, while maintaining its core conservative economic principles. Given current extremist influences, this will not be easy.

At this point, the best thing that can happen for the party is for one of the outsiders to get the nomination and suffer the general election consequences to follow. Only then will the Republican leadership be able to seek to regain control and move the party in a positive direction. It would do no good to nominate an electable alternative in a brokered convention because the outsider supporters would surely not play along, forfeiting any election hopes and continuing the fallacy that the Republican Party is not conservative enough (which would be a double-fallacy with regard to Donald Trump, whose positions have oftentimes not even been conservative).

Negativity, obstruction, xenophobia and fear that have come to define the Republican Party must be exorcised for its long-term survival and success. The party must strategically plan and build a sustainable future beyond 2016. Either that, or its standard bearers will need to build a new home.

David Meade

East Amherst