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Power Take: Defensive line’s problems can’t all be traced to Dunbar

The rush to declare that Rex Ryan singled out Karl Dunbar as the scapegoat for the Buffalo Bills’ defensive problems last season started as soon as the news leaked that Dunbar had been “relieved of his duties.”

That line of thinking ignores one fairly important point, though. That is, the Bills’ defensive line stunk in 2015. The numbers speak for themselves – from 40 sacks to 13.

Sure, the timing of the move is peculiar. Changes to the coaching staff are generally made in the weeks after the end of a season, not 70 days later. But it’s not like Dunbar’s results last year made this some gross miscarriage of justice.

Ryan’s decision to replace Dunbar with controversial coach John Blake is another matter. Ryan’s basically extending his safe haven for players with imperfections on their résumé to coaches now.

Blake hasn’t coached anywhere since 2010, and hasn’t been in the NFL for more than 20 years, since a three-year run with the Dallas Cowboys in the 1990s. Ryan is showing a lot of faith in a guy who has been out of coaching for that long.

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