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Over-the-top Butler lifts up ‘London Has Fallen’

“London Has Fallen” is the sequel to the successful movie, “Olympus Has Fallen.”

Once again, Gerard Butler plays the greatest secret service agent ever, Mike Banning. He is protecting President Benjamin Asher, (Aaron Eckhart), in London when terrorists attack the city.

This film also stars Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett and Radha Mitchell, among others.

Within 10 minutes I loved this film. The filmmakers brought back a lot of what I liked about “Olympus Has Fallen,” including the camaraderie between Eckhart and Butler. Butler’s character is completely loyal and is skilled to protect the president and his friends.

As soon as things go wrong, he goes into serious mode and he becomes a ruthless killing machine.

The plot is essentially that there was a bomb set to kill a terrorist; however, instead of killing the bad guy, they ended up killing his family.

The terrorists then organize a strike in London, where all the leaders of the world are meeting for the funeral of the British prime minister. The terrorists end up killing a lot of people, but their number one target is the U.S. president. Banning and Asher escape into the underground of London and try to get away.

The terrorist manage to take over London by impersonating soldiers, guards and police. Therefore, no one knows who is good and who is bad.

Butler was over the top in “Olympus Has Fallen” and he is even more over the top here. In this movie, he slings one-liners, has multiple fight scenes and cracks jokes that are great.

The interaction between Butler and Eckhart is more fully developed in “London Has Fallen” because they have a lot more time together in this movie.

Another thing I liked about this film is that the characters have a lot more depth and interaction with each other.

The only things that I disliked about this movie is that the ending is predictable and there are moments when the CGI effects are completely obvious. Those moments didn’t look real at all.

Overall, “London has Fallen” is an amazing movie and I would definitely recommend seeing it, especially if you love action and adventure. If you miss old-school, one-man-army action movies, absolutely go see “London Has Fallen.”

Gabrielle Linsey is a senior at Notre Dame High School in Batavia.

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