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‘Shark Girl’ goes on spring break, the sequel

People love “Shark Girl.” Maybe a little too much.

They love her so much, in fact, that the toothy face of the New Buffalo has lost a bit of its sheen and needs nearly a month off for some much-needed R&R – restoration and reinforcement.

Casey Riordan Millard’s sculpture, which went away for a short time last year for light repair work, will be reeled in by Albright-Knox Art Gallery staffers on March 25 and transported to an undisclosed location for some cosmetic touch-ups and “structural enhancements.”

“Our girl is going for conservation. She’s been very loved,” said Albright-Knox Director of Communications Maria Morreale.

Morreale added that while no major structural damage to the sculpture had occurred, the gallery is reinforcing her as a proactive measure.

The sculpture’s last hiatus and move to a new perch beside the canals drew TMZ-level interest from admirers last year, who greeted her return with a renewed fervor normally reserved for papal visits or new Ted’s Hot Dog locations.

Her exile this year, longer than last time because of the structural work, is slated to end April 22.