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Letter: Ken-Ton instructors are producing great musicians

Ken-Ton instructors are producing great musicians

On the evening of March 9, I had the privilege of attending the 26th annual band concert at Kenmore West High School. The concert featured students in sixth through 12th grades at Hoover and Kenmore Middle Schools and Kenmore West High School.

I have been a resident of this school district over 40 years. I am a parent and grandparent of children who participated and currently participate in the district’s varied music programs.

The concert was “off the charts,” to use language of current-day young people. Performances by all of the musicians far exceeded my expectations. I applaud the band directors’ dedication to these young and talented musicians.

Those who doubt the quality of public school education, including education in music and the arts in the Ken-Ton district, are misinformed.

The concert closed with all musicians (approximately 340, ages 11 to 18) joining together for one final number. It was amazing to hear that many children and young adults play so beautifully.

Am I a fan of Ken-Ton education and its music and arts departments? Yes, I am. My grandson, a freshman, has participated in vocal and instrumental music since third grade.

I congratulate the music educators at the district’s elementary schools, as well. The love of music begins there and this concert would not have been possible without their prior contribution and dedication to the music education of our children.

Barbara E. Burr