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Letter: Healthy Workplace Bill would help curb abuses

Healthy Workplace Bill would help curb abuses

I am writing in response to The News article on Assemblywoman Angela Wozniak, who engaged in an affair with her legislative director, Elias Farah. She did not have the self-discipline and self-control to correct the situation fairly. She apparently continued to pursue him, and eventually excluded him from events that likely damaged his career. Abuse of power opens the door for cover-ups and retaliation, and undermines the democratic process.

Currently, there is little recourse for any employee experiencing pervasive workplace hostility, unless one is in an identified status such as age, race or gender. Rarely is there any penalty for the advancer making false allegations during or after an investigation. The New York State Healthy Workplace Bill addresses this gap and gives recourse to any male or female employee who is being targeted. In this bill, a plan must be created to resolve the conflict and monitored arising from clearly defined hostile and retaliatory practices. If the harm persists, the person could be responsible for restitution, without involving outside agencies funded by taxpayers.

Often the best and the brightest employees with passion, credentials and skills are targeted and silenced through false accusations, sabotage and exclusion. The Healthy Workplace Bill (S6438 and A3250, sponsored by Assemblyman Steve Englebright) is the appropriate action to curb workplace abuses. Whatever their charisma and skills, unethical women and men do not belong in our political offices.

Susan St. John-Jarvis