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Celebrate Pi Day with a treat from Sanger Farms

We are not mathematicians, but we love food and we especially love pie (even though “pies” aren’t technically what Pi Day represents, but who cares).

All being said, we hope you do decide to celebrate “Pi Day" with a pie. If nothing else, it's a decent reason to have pie on a Monday. Aim for the biggest piece, especially if it’s a pie from Sanger Farms & Bakery in Youngstown.

We discovered this pie on a detour we took on our way to Woodcock Brothers Brewing in Wilson. Our mission was to pick up a cherry crumb for dessert back at home. (Belatedly, we realized we should have grabbed a couple more to bring back for fellow pie lovers.)

During this time of year, Sanger uses frozen fruit from the previous summer’s harvest. The fruit was grown on their farm and neighboring farms. During the summer they use fresh fruit to make the pies.

“We use fresh fruit from our farm in our pies whenever we can, depending on what fruit is in season. We use our own fresh apples year round since apples keep very well. We use our homegrown peaches, cherries, strawberries and rhubarb when they are in season,” said Mike Tuck, owner. He purchased the farm from his father-in-law and has kept the well-known business name.

“During peach and apple season we sell about 200 pies a week,” said Tuck. His wife, Sandy, runs the bakery along with their children.

“My son Rogan took a year off after graduating from U.B. last May and works in the bakery full time with our three daughters, Shari, Carly and Lisa, all who have full-time jobs. They help out whenever they can, especially during the summer and harvest when we are busiest,” he said. His youngest son Claitan is the key man in growing fruit for the pies. He manages the trimming and picking crews.

We have to admit, our cherry crumb pie was fantastic. It tasted just like a pie made with fresh sour cherries in July. It had the perfect balance of sweet and tart, along with a delightful sweet and crunchy crumb topping. Truly a bite of summer.

Sanger cherry crumb pie. (Emeri Krawczyk/Special to The News)

The most unbelievable aspect (besides not having to bake it ourselves) is that the pie was only $10.50. If you can’t make the drive to Sanger Farms & Bakery, they deliver. Pies can be ordered online or by phone and cost $14 because of the packaging. There is an additional charge for shipping.

“We can ship pies anywhere in the continental U.S.,” said Tuck. (We like the idea of a Saturday or Sunday drive to pick up pies for you and your friends. We can also vouch for the homemade ginger snap cookies.)

Pies include apple, apple crumb, peach, peach crumb, cherry, cherry crumb, raspberry, strawberry-rhubarb and pecan-walnut.

The farm store/bakery is located at 852 Youngstown Lockport Road, Youngstown. This time of year the bakery is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Closed Monday. Call 745-7297 or visit

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