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Letter: Trump teaches children how to excel at bullying

Trump teaches children how to excel at bullying

Today’s schools are faced with a very serious problem. This problem has been responsible for students taking their own lives, the lives of others and, at the very least, living lives characterized by fear and misery. That problem is bullying. In today’s world, students not only have to worry about being victims in schools, but now can be bullied in their own homes via cyberspace. Rightfully so, schools have initiated anti-bullying programs.

The paradox is that the campaign for president has become a textbook for students who would like to refine their bullying skills. I am horrified to watch Donald Trump teach our young people how to bully anyone who might have a different opinion. He mocks people’s physical appearance. He refers to people as fat and ugly. He calls people losers and liars. He brags that he would like to punch a protester in the face. These are all tactics used by bullies.

How do we try to teach children that bullying is destructive and cruel when a presidential candidate is cheered wildly when he bullies people? How do we explain his wild popularity when he uses the very tactics that we are trying to eliminate?

It is, quite frankly, frightening that a man who thinks, reacts and speaks the way he does could be our next president. His presidential decorum is nonexistent. He is an embarrassment. What does this say about us as a nation if we elect him our president? I guess it would indicate that the end justifies the means, and in Trump’s case, the means are despicable!

Shirley Weisenborn