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Letter: Republicans should be supporting front-runner

Republicans should be supporting front-runner

Last year, my wife and I chose to change our party affiliation from the Republican Party to the Independent Party because we believe that the Republican Party is pretty lame. Look at what is happening now. The party sent out Mitt Romney and John McCain (two losers) to attack the front-runner, Donald Trump. The Republicans should be backing the person the general population wants, not a hand-picked robot the elite insiders want.

At the convention, even if Trump has the most delegates, I believe they will change the rules so he doesn’t get the nomination. That’s right, the fix is in. Why? Trump is the type of person who will upset the apple cart. All these politicians, both from the right and left, are worried that their racket will be exposed. They are not afraid if he goes third party. He will split the vote and a Democrat will win. That would be OK because the scam will continue for both parties. All that these politicians care about is themselves. They couldn’t care less about the common man and woman.

I wish Trump well and I hope everyone will vote in November. This will be hard; all I see are people walking around with their heads in their iPhones. All that they are concerned about is what is on social media.

Al Michalewicz