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Letter: Easy for Gallivan to oppose increase in minimum wage

Easy for Gallivan to oppose increase in minimum wage

Recently The News published an Another Voice by State Sen. Patrick Gallivan titled, “Minimum wage increase would be bad for New York.” It is a shame that the government has to regulate the minimum wage in the first place, but it is absolutely imperative, or companies would just continue to exploit their workers.

It seems rather obvious that if workers make more money, they will in fact spend more money. Raising the minimum wage would help eliminate public assistance, helping all taxpayers in this area.

Writers to this column lately seem concerned about profits for the richest people in the country, namely the Waltons of Walmart fame. It’s about time that the workers be put ahead of profits.

I do find it amusing that Gallivan, with his $79,500 annual salary, is against workers making $15 an hour. We won’t even mention his $172 per day per diem. Workers and their families could buy plenty of food with $172 per day. You can describe Gallivan with one word: elitist.

Kenneth C. Pitman