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Letter: Police Department errs in lowering its standards

Police Department errs in lowering its standards

The recent announcement about lowering standards to become a police officer in Buffalo left me scratching my head, but not surprised by this department’s decision making and basic common sense.

First, becoming a police officer entails a lot more than strapping on a gun and pinning on a badge. A person must not only be an enforcer of the law, but must be like a guidance counselor, psychologist, mentor and countless other facets of an authority figure.

So the Buffalo Police Department expects a 19- or 20-year-old to have all the aforementioned qualities a police officer must possess?

Obviously, the department is having trouble attracting college-educated personnel to perform the necessary functions of a police officer. Conversely, why would college-educated people basically lower their standards by taking a blue-collar job that deals with all the dregs and lowlifes of society?

Ronald R. Pecoraro