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Letter: U.S. is heavily involved in the global community

U.S. is heavily involved in the global community

As both The News and “60 Minutes” have recently reported, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has stated that he believes the United States should take a much greater interest in the global community. What? We are the “go to” country for every global tragedy occurrence, whether it is an earthquake, flood, airline crash, contagious decease epidemic or anything else that might occur.

We have had tens of thousands of troops stationed in South Korea since the early 1950s at a cost of hundreds of billions of dollars. We have a military presence in 150 countries, most of which I can’t even name, to help keep the peace. When terrorism strikes in other countries, it is the United States that sends its FBI to assist and sometimes take the lead in the investigations. President Obama has taken a measured stance in the global community, especially the Middle East, during his term, a stance that I highly commend.

Trudeau is relatively young and was a surprise victor in the Canadian election last year, so I will cut him some slack. But I believe that his relative inexperience is showing with his recent comments. I realize that Canada has stepped up to the plate and has recently brought 25,000 Syrian refugees into the country, some of whom Trudeau personally greeted. But to make the comment that the United States needs to become more involved in the global community is misguided at best. Don’t take us for granted.

Lou Speranza