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Letter: Trump built his empire on the backs of workers

Trump built his empire on the backs of workers

In a recent interview with Katie Couric, Rep. Chris Collins gave his reasons for backing Donald Trump. He stated that Trump would stop trade with Mexico and China, and that people in Western New York, Erie County and Buffalo are behind Trump. Collins attributes their support to a poor economy in the region.

Collins should wake up, and tell the truth. His companies are losing contracts because of competition with China and Mexico. Our region is having an economic boom because of Gov. Andrew Cuomo and President Obama. Is Collins so interested in his success that he is afraid to give credit to Democrats?

Trump is the worst possible person to represent our country. He has built an empire on the backs of working people and immigrants. Our country was built on the backs of people like my grandparents, who settled here after World War I, and now he wants to close our borders. He says he has never heard of David Duke or the KKK. Sounds to me like Collins and Trump need to get their heads out of the sand.

There is more to being president than mocking other candidates and raising fears in people about their future if Trump is not elected. Having a strong business past is only a small factor in being president. Telling people in a reality game show “you’re fired” will not play out well if tried in a government situation. Trump has surrounded himself with “yes” men. Money, in his case, builds loyalty; so jump on the wagon, Collins. I think you’re in for a bumpy ride and it will cost you the next election.

Lawrence V. Soos

North Tonawanda