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Letter: Parents must be educated on signs of drug addiction

Parents must be educated on signs of drug addiction

On March 3, the Town of Clarence Youth Bureau and Youth Board presented a program for adults only on the epidemic of opioid and heroin overdoses and deaths in Erie County. But where were the parents? With less than 30 adults in attendance, the program covered everything needed to raise awareness regarding the crisis of drug abuse. Why are parents so busy that they cannot take 90 minutes out of their schedule to come and listen to what could be the most important information given to them?

We have made a concerted effort to raise awareness in our community for the past nine years, having experts share information. As parents, educators and residents, it is our responsibility to get involved and keep our kids safe. Due to a lack of knowledge, the signs and symptoms of addiction often go unrecognized. We have had many parents talk after the loss of a child due to drugs.

We have a crisis in our county. A crisis that claims more lives than car crashes. A crisis that rips apart families of all different backgrounds. You can be part of the solution by getting involved and getting educated.

Bev Campochiaro