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Power Take: It would have been a crime if Andrews didn’t win lawsuit

The civil trial brought out more ugliness. Erin Andrews successfully sued a Nashville hotel for negligence, emotional distress and invasion of privacy after a stalker altered a peephole to record her naked without her knowledge, then posted the videos on the Internet.

The stalker was convicted and sent to federal prison for 2½ years but the degradation and humiliation of the event is something Andrews must live with daily. Listen to her testimony in the civil trial. It was gut-wrenching.

More disturbing is that defense attorneys suggested Andrews profited from the naked videos with an increase in earnings and a bump in her career. Wait, what? This was a video shot without her consent. To say she doesn’t deserve compensation because her career got a boost from the threat to her personal safety is another example of women having to prove they were the victims of a crime.

It’s another case of women in sports media not being taken seriously and having to prove, once again, that they just want to do their jobs.

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