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Letter: Let the voters decide who will be nominee

Let the voters decide who will be nominee

A gifted author and historian once wrote a book about the making of a presidency. Now we are all historians seeing the unmaking of a presidency. I refer to our system of democracy dependent upon the electoral process and the making of our next president.

I like politics and American history and enjoy the participation. Americans tend to have intelligent voters and so-so leaders. This is deliberate because we pride ourselves on personal opportunity and innovation.

I am a Republican by registration, and look at the issues to actually decide whom to vote for. There is a series of events that is frightening me. It is the Republican presidential primaries. The Republican Party has an interesting fellow who is owned by no one and is campaigning on issues of importance to all Americans, listening and offering solutions. This is causing him to win primaries in many states, and frightening those who own certain candidates.

Donald Trump chooses to allow the voters to decide the Republican presidential candidate. The owners of John McCain and Mitt Romney claim that the same voters who voted for them in the past are now stupid and “uneducated.” They are very afraid of our system of democracy and elections and wish to end it. This frightens me; because they may succeed in destroying our system of democracy.

Harvey Brody