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Letter: Cruz-Kasich ticket would be a winner

Cruz-Kasich ticket would be a winner

There was a time in the recent past that I thought Donald Trump was possibly the breath of fresh air that America currently needs. He has garnered support from across the country for his non-politician approach to our problems, both foreign and domestic.

But after the March 3 debate, if you could call it that, my view of The Donald has been altered. His facial expressions, his constant interrupting of the other candidates, his immature name calling of Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Marco Rubio and his overall demeanor point to one thing – a man who is now, in my mind, a very questionable choice to lead the United States into the future.

The name-calling, foul-mouthed brat is shooting himself in the foot. Cruz and Gov. John Kasich both remained cool and professional and didn’t play into the hands of the man who needs a lesson in human relations. Perhaps a Cruz-Kasich team would be a wise choice for us all.

William Belz