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Letter: Greedy corporations are destroying our country

Greedy corporations are destroying our country

Down here in Olean we fortunately don’t have politicians like Rep. Chris Collins, who make absurd statements like the one that appeared in The News. He said that Donald Trump has the fortitude “to return our nation’s jobs stolen by China.”

Stolen? There was a stampede to China by Walmart, Microsoft, Apple and other U.S. corporations that abandoned this country for the sake of greed, taking advantage of Chinese laborers and those in other Asian countries, paying them slave wages. When Chinese workers went on strike and doubled their wages, companies that employed millions of workers making phones, computers, etc., simply closed their factories in Guangdong and built new plants in Central China, where young people are forced to work, and even moved work to Vietnam for its cheaper labor.

And to top that, these companies refuse to pay taxes on the billions of dollars they are hoarding in other countries. Collins says nothing about that, nor do Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

Those corporations not only undermined the economic and social structure of America, but also helped China to become the giant industrial country that it now is. It is using the profits to buy American businesses, untold numbers of condominiums in the $20 million-plus range on the East and West coasts, buying homes by the blocks in Nevada and Florida. The Chinese were even allowed to buy America’s largest pork producer. They practically own our country with the vast amount of U.S. Treasury bonds they hold.

Again, neither Collins, nor Rubio, nor Cruz mentions any of that. Collins goes on to state that Trump will “take on our enemies.” Russia, China? Is he serious? Pogo said it best: “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

John Cappelletti