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City Hallways (March 7) And the top vote getter is.......

The troubled schools - by far biggest concern

City Hallways asked readers to rank nine issues facing the city from most to least important to them. Here's the results:

  1. Troubled Schools
  2. Unemployment/not enough jobs
  3. Guns/violence
  4. Dilapidated housing/inadequate housing for the poor
  5. Roads/infrastructure
  6. Racism/racial inequities
  7. Taxes/government spending
  8. Zoning/development issues/Green Code
  9. Heroin/opioid epidemic


A total of 94 people voted  in the poll, although everyone didn't respond to every category. The final ranking was determined using weighted scores (1st place worth 9 points, 2nd worth 8, 3rd worth 7, etc.,)  then adding up the points for each issue.

Schools was by far the No. 1 answer, way out in front of all the other issues. Then, unemployment and guns/ violence were grouped close together, followed by close numbers for housing, roads, and racism. The bottom three - taxes/government spending, zoning/development and heroin/opioid epidemic - were also closely grouped together.

I'll have more analysis on the results tomorrow, things like which categories getting the most first- and second-place rankings.

Reminder: This is NOT a scientific poll, which means it's not a randomly sampled poll of the public, so results cannot be extrapolated to the general public. It's more an isn't-that-interesting unscientific poll  of City Hallways readers who choose to participate.

Swinging into Spring 

With Spring just two weeks away, I thought it was worth mentioning that the city is considering adding wheelchair-accessible swings to city parks and playgrounds.

Council President Darius Pridgen introduced a resolution months back, that the Council passed, asking the Public Works department to consider the purchase.

Public Works Commissioner Steve Stepniak said it sounds like a good idea, and the city would look into it.

On a somewhat related issue, Pridgen also wants the city to buy wheelchairs and electric scooters to be used by visitors in City Hall.

Mascia and other things BMHA

Suspended tenant commissioner Joe Mascia isn't sitting at the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority board table these days, but I have been noticing him at BMHA meetings nonetheless. Mascia sits in the back of the room with the media, tenants and other visitors attending the meetings. Mascia even spoke during  a public hearing recently, along with other tenants, on the proposed  housing authority smoking ban. He says he's not  a smoker, but doesn't support the ban.

The exiled commissioner said he's concerned that if longtime smokers get evicted for repeatedly violating the ban, they could have nowhere to live.

BMHA top executives, by the way, are expected in Council Chambers Tuesday on an unrelated matter, to talk about $250,000 the city is giving the authority to help with expenses at one of the BMHA housing sites.

The 60th

In case you missed it, Buffalo News Political Reporter Bob McCarthy had a Sunday column on the 60th District State Senate race.

Calendar Items
Deep South Taco at Planning Board this afaternoon. It's subject of common council public hearing tomorrow.

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