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Seven different ways to earn easy money

I like money. You like money.

Since we have so much in common, I'll let you in on a few ways to make some more.

They're little mundane tasks that, on the ease-of-money-getting spectrum, fall much closer to “winning at bingo” and “opening a birthday card from grandma” than “selling platelets” and “getting a job.”

Let's do this, people.

Nielsen Mobile Panel. You know how Nielsen sends you money in the mail to track what you watch on TV? They will also pay you to install their app on your phone so it can gather data about the mobile industry. Sign up at and, if you're selected, they'll pay you $50 a year.

Stanford Graduate School of Business Behavioral Lab. This one is my favorite because it's quick, it's easy, and it pays up very quickly.

Student researchers looking for scientific data will pay you to answer questions online. The surveys usually take about 10 minutes and pay about $5. Within a week of completing a study – sometimes even the next day – you'll receive an email from Amazon with a gift card code which you can redeem online at To sign up, visit

20/20 Research. This market research company will pay you for insight into how you shop, how you use products, and what you think about different consumer goods.

My sister did one recently. She had to answer questions about her favorite drinks, take photos of the cupboard where she keeps her tea bags, and post video diaries to an online message board talking about different kinds of beverages. It took her about an hour a day for three days and she made $150. Not bad.

The only annoying thing is that there are several pages of multiple-choice questions you have to answer as part of each pre-qualifying survey, and you don't get paid to answer them, whether you get picked or not. To sign up, visit

ARG Survey Service. This market research firm is located on Sheridan Drive in the Town of Tonawanda. They will pay you to test products, participate in focus groups, or answer surveys. People have been paid $50 to taste alcohol, $100 to talk about pet food and $250 to try out a toilet brush.

Yes, seriously.

To register and be considered for future studies, call 876-6450 or visit This one doesn't pay as much, but it is crazy, stupid easy.

Use the Swagbucks search engine instead of Google and it will randomly award you Swagbucks. Once you get enough, you can redeem them on the website for gift cards to places such as Amazon, Walmart and Starbucks, or straight cash through PayPal or Visa. You can do the same thing using Bing Rewards,

Shopkick. Install the app on your phone and you'll get awarded “kicks” when you walk into certain stores, scan barcodes on certain products or buy certain things. You can redeem the kicks for gift cards. Visit

Ibotta. Use the app to select Ibotta coupons, such as 50 cents off a certain breakfast cereal, then complete a little task, such as watching a short commercial. After you buy the product you've selected, scan your grocery receipt to redeem the savings. You can cash out within 24 hours using PayPal or Venmo, as long as you've earned at least $5. Visit