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Letter: Revelers should pledge not to drink and drive

Revelers should pledge not to drink and drive

Here in Western New York we tend to hit St. Patrick’s Day pretty hard; somewhere along the line it became our unofficial day to overindulge in our most sacred of traditions: drinking. Green beer, green Jell-O shots, fancy green mixed drinks – we’re not picky. We’ll take one of each and (sometimes) one for the road. And herein lies the problem.

I think most people who drive drunk are fairly confident that nothing bad will happen. When we’re partied-out and ready to go home, it’s easy for hubris to settle in. Once we’re safely home and sober, the reality of the risk we took hits us and we swear we’ll never do it again. But sometimes we justify our actions, if even just a little. “So I drove buzzed; so what? It’s not like I killed somebody!”

And often times that’s true; sometimes we do dodge a bullet. Unfortunately, 55-year-old Roxan Meier, 33-year-old Daniel S. McParlane, 7-month-old Baylee Dion and 18-year-old Alexandria Rice weren’t that lucky. Each was killed by someone who chose to drive while impaired.

Have a great time this St. Patrick’s Day, but put the pride away – designate a driver, bring cab fare or plan a party at home. However you choose to manage it, let’s make the first toast this St. Patrick’s Day to having the good judgment to keep ourselves and others safe while also avoiding a lifetime of shame and regret.

Linda Dynel