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Letter: No nepotism was involved in hiring of Boston clerks

No nepotism was involved in hiring of Boston clerks

I would like to respond to the Another Voice written by Herb Klein and Joyce Carr. I have been a resident of Boston for almost 30 years. I wish to clarify a few of the misconceptions.

I am one of the part-time clerks who was appointed by the Boston Town Board on Jan. 6. I have never been nor am I currently a political person. I did not know anyone from Town Hall until I submitted my resume and appeared for the interview. The position is not clerk typist, as they stated. It is a part-time clerk position hired specifically for the Town Clerk’s Office.

The help wanted ad was listed in the PennySaver, and I was more than qualified for this position. There was no cronyism or nepotism in regard to my hire. I was offered an hourly salary, which I accepted. I have a master’s degree in human service administration. I retired from Erie County in December 2014 after 31 years. My last position was as a supervising child support investigator. I not only had to have an extensive amount of knowledge but also the decorum to listen and de-escalate situations on a daily basis. Additionally, I have been a notary public since 1981.

Before writing articles, one should know all of the facts. The two deputy clerks were advised that their position title was being changed to part-time clerk. They were advised that they needed to apply for these positions. Both of the deputy clerks failed to apply for the newly titled position. Two part-time clerks were hired to work in the Town Clerk’s Office. It has been almost two months and we are still not allowed access to this office. Residents should be appalled that this town is being held hostage by an elected official.

Maryann Cumming Mehs