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Letter: Congress must fund the cancer moonshot

Congress must fund the cancer moonshot

In his recent budget proposal, the president unveiled a very ambitious plan for accelerating the fight against cancer. His proposed 13 percent increase for the National Cancer Institute would build on the support provided by Congress at the end of last year and go a long way toward providing the resources needed for the development of more effective tools and treatments for cancer patients.

With new hopeful discoveries in cancer prevention and treatments emerging all the time, and a renewed national focus on ending the disease, the opportunity has never been better for Congress to make a real impact.

The president provided a framework to Congress for a cancer “moonshot” and now Congress must do the work of funding the fight to make it a reality.

Cancer is expected to kill an estimated 595,000 people in America this year – more than 1,600 today alone. Annual cancer incidence rates are projected to increase by 31 percent over the next decade, growing to 2.1 million people diagnosed with cancer in 2025.

We have the opportunity to turn the tide on this epidemic. Congress, now is the time to fund the fight.

Katie Martin

Volunteer, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network