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Letter: Billionaires don’t know how average people live

Billionaires don’t know how average people live

A recent report in the media stated Warren Buffett maintained “that the babies born today are the luckiest crop in history” because the U.S. economy is growing. Such is the perspective of a billionaire. Buffett and other billionaires haven’t a clue to the economy most Americans experience daily. Do they shop for the family? Can they tell us how much potatoes cost? What underwear costs? Or the cost of a meal for four in a restaurant?

Do they drive their own vehicle? The majority of Americans know that the drop in the price of gasoline has been more than offset by the double-digit increases in the costs for food and clothing while wages remain stagnant.

Billionaires may pay the same increased costs for health insurance as most Americans, but it consumes a far smaller percentage of their income. The working public finds it difficult not to live “hand to mouth.” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says people can’t support a family on the minimum wage as he campaigns to double it. Why are people forced to support their families by working for minimum wage?

Could the reason people are forced to support families on minimum wage jobs be a result of these billionaires investing globally? Perhaps if they bring all their “off-shore money” back to the United States, pay the required taxes and invest the remainder in manufacturing industries that produce a material product, the result may be more better-paying jobs in the United States.

William Christen