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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions


• Shawnee Road, Paula M. Smith to Rachael M. Forster; Matthew T. Ruppert, $135,000.


• 9465 Seaman Road, Anne M. Yensan; Ralph D. Yensan to Charity Ciavatta, $27,000.


• Swann Road, Janelle M. Sandonato to Michael Milbrand; Patricia Milbrand, $237,000.

• Elliott Drive, Janet McMahon to Melissa Free-Marshall; Paul Marshall Jr., $227,500.

• 1789 Swann Road, Elizabeth M. Bajor; Mark E. Bajor to Elaine N. Becken; Ronald C. Becken, $21,000.

CITY OF LOCKPORT Highest price: $185,000 Average price: $84,666 Median price: $90,000 Number of Sales: 9

• Independence Drive, Karen R. Tillotson to Scott Nachreiner, $185,000.

• Park Lane Circle, James E. Mount to Kristy M. Wainwright, $119,500.

• 12 Center St., Lloyd B. Hallifax to Heidi A. Starr; Joshua D. Starr, $106,100.

• 82 Rogers Ave., Kevin D. Jordan to Thomas Kotlak, $101,000.

• L F Washburn St & Locust St., Charles P. Ben; Suzan J. Ben to Joseph Granchelli, $90,000.

• Pine St & Willow St., Edward S. Falsetti; Guy S. Falsetti to DCS Real Estate, $55,000.

• 622 Walnut St., Jonathan B. Bragg to M & T Bank, $43,737.

• 332 Chapel St., Joal Massimi to Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust; US Bank, $41,660.

• Ontario St., Gary M. Enoch; Cheryle S. Haehl; Jeannine A. Morlacci to Wiljam NY LP, $20,000.


• Badger Drive, Jennifer L. Steiner; Jennifer L. Upson to Jaime M. O’Brien, $251,500.

• Woodhaven Drive, Elizabeth A. Ornella; James S. Ornella to Rene Babis; James E. Mount, $242,000.

• Academy Lane, Joseph D. Zach; Laura A. Zach to Adam J. Clark; Amanda N. Clark, $136,500.

• 5837 Stone Road, Frank J. Roberto; Jennifer M. Roberto to Citimortgage, $106,188.

• Bartz Road, Angela Tomczak; Paul F. Tomczak to Anthony Giambattista; Samantha Giambattista, $37,500.


• 2609 William St., Alice M. Hall; Nancy J. Hall to Daniel N. Dudek; Mary A. Dudek, $116,000.

• Charlotteville Road, Mary Lee Tarr; Michelle L. Tarr to Ronald A. Human, $60,000.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $166,568 Average price: $67,381 Median price: $69,000 Number of Sales: 11

• 209 & 211 Ferry Ave & 449 & 459 & 474 & 461 & 465 & 455 2nd St., New Sunrise Realty; Bo Lin; Cheong Chung Tsang; Tommy Tsang to Golden Source Realty, $166,568.

• West Rivershore Drive, Maria Ann Rendle; Marie Rendle; Timothy J. Rendle to Jeffrey Villont, $100,000.

• 92nd St., Dana Renaud to Andrew J. Marinucci; Daria S. Marinucci, $90,000.

• 1061 101 St., Kristen A. Previte to Matthew D. Laplante, $89,000.

• 420 75th St., Susan A. Samuel to Wells Fargo Financial Credit Service, $77,532.

• 2211 Forest Ave., Amy D. Carroll; Amy D. Fantrazzo; Frank Fantrazzo to Jordan Marshall Churder, $69,000.

• Pine Ave & 17th St., Sicily Inc to SMG Enterprises, $45,000.

• 9002 Cayuga Drive, Fannie Mae to Maureen Dewysocki, $45,000.

• 10th St., Lorraine Declare; Deloras Maynard to Donnell Richardson, $25,000.

• 7110 Packard Road, KC Erie Niagara Properties to Michele Timineri, $17,500.

• 839 16th St., HUD to Basma Merhi, $16,596.


• 1109 Marcia Drive, Slivan Family Trust; Barbara A. Slivan; Thomas J. Slivan to Stephen M. Slivan, $121,500.

• 335 Summit Blvd., David R. Schnell to Keybank National Assoc, $112,907.

• Evans St., Michelle L. Macdonald; Stephen R. Macdonald to Callen S. Bird, $87,550.

• Ellwood Ave., Nancy Bitner; Cynthia Harmon to Crystal Wroblewski, $65,714.


• 7174 Pendale Circle, Kimberly S. Oliverio; Jody L. Walker to Jonathan P. Welka; Nicole M. Welka, $318,000.


• Youngstown Lockport Road & East Ave., Victor Szarejko to Mark Webster, $27,000.


• Hartland Road & Lake Road, Keith W. Payne; Carolyn L. Sechler to David W. Austin; Nancy Austin, $140,000.

• Quaker Road, Carol M. Hillman; Dwight K. Hillman to Candy Ann Porter, $40,000.


• 8676 Coleman Road, Patricia A. Berardi to Midfirst Bank, $66,251.

• Quaker Road, Barbara Barnes; Barbara J. Barnes; Bruce Barnes; Bruce M. Barnes to Laura L. Moore, $11,000.


• 2516 Ferchen St., Shirley Mitchell-Schurer; Shirley J. Mitchell-Schurer; Matt Swetland to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp, $351,294.

• Lakeside Drive, Lyndsy Nikol Pinto; Steven James Pinto to Keith L. Daniel, $243,000.

• Colin Court, Margaret M. Mcallister to Phuong V. Le, $235,000.

• 3689 Trails End Lane, David W. Andrews to Eric W. Loomis, $233,000.

• 7012 Errick Road, Joseph A. Mangione; Lisa M. Mangione to Matawin Ventures Trust; Kondaur Capital Corp, $174,709.