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Mike Harrington’s NHL Power Rankings for March 6

(Through Friday night’s games, last week in parentheses)

1. Washington Capitals. Sid-Ovi first-rounder the matchup entering the weekend. NBC fist-pumps. (1)

2. Dallas Stars. Win division, avoid Blackhawks and Blues in first round. (2)

3. Chicago Blackhawks. They’re just 8-8-1 since 12-game win streak ended. (3)

4. St. Louis Blues. Host Hawks Wednesday in massive NBCSN showdown. (4)

5. New York Rangers. Team Consistency is here Tuesday: Haven’t lost back-to-back games since week before Christmas. (6)

6. Anaheim Ducks. Cali Roadie Tale I: Burgers at Slater’s 50/50 (half-meat, half-bacon) are fabulous. (8)

7. Tampa Bay Lightning. The Atlantic favorite with Stamkos distraction gone for now. (9)

8. Los Angeles Kings. Cali Roadie Tale II: Staples Center is meat-locker cold but Lawry’s Carvery next door knows roast beef. (7)

9. Florida Panthers. Terrific season could turn into a bummer if they slip to third in the Atlantic. (5)

10. Boston Bruins. Hard to fathom Marchand is third in the NHL in goals behind Ovechkin and Kane. (10)

11. New York Islanders. With same number of points as Tavares, Okposo looks like great summer free agent target. (11)

12. San Jose Sharks. Cali Roadie Tale III: Pluto’s on Stanford’s University Avenue nails any kind of salad. (14)

13. Nashville Predators. Are 1-11 in games decided by 3-on-3 OT. Yes, 1-11. (12)

14. Detroit Red Wings. Gritty Abdelkader a surprise early pick for Team USA. (13)

15. Pittsburgh Penguins. Lot of slow nods from due south about Bylsma’s line issues here. (15)

16. Minnesota Wild. Momemtum from coaching change should push them into wild-card slot. (20)

17. Colorado Avalanche. Looks like they will struggle to hold off Wild. (16)

18. New Jersey Devils. Went from in trouble to toast with Schneider injury. (17)

19. Philadelphia Flyers. Don’t think they catch Red Wings or Penguins. (19)

20. Carolina Hurricanes. Traded Staal but kept Ward, perhaps flukiest Cup-winning goalie ever. (18)

21. Ottawa Senators. No Hamburglar to save Team Mediocrity this spring. (21)

22. Montreal Canadiens. Only thing left to see is if Price returns. (22)

23. Columbus Blue Jackets. Torts impact: Entered Saturday 8-2-3 in last 13. (25).

24. Vancouver Canucks. Baffling inactivity at trade deadline. (23)

25. Buffalo Sabres. Ceiling appears to be 23rd overall, but 30th still in play if they can’t beat Leafs. (26)

26. Arizona Coyotes. Sabres caught them by wiping out eight-point deficit in just 10 games. (24)

27. Edmonton Oilers. McDavid 2nd to Hawks’ Kane in points per game. (30)

28. Winnipeg Jets. A major disappointment in the West this season. (28)

29. Calgary Flames. Looked 29th or 30th awful here Thursday. (27)

30. Toronto Maple Leafs. Under Babcock, they’ve got the Tim Murray “losing properly” plan going in full force. (29).

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