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Letter: Less talk, more action is key to ending rat problem

Less talk, more action is key to ending rat problem

I am writing in response to Lancaster Village Trustee William Schroeder’s letter about solving the rat problem in the village. He claims the town and village are working “diligently” to solve the problem. Talking about a problem is not the same as actually doing something about it. If you call both places for help, they simply refer you to Erie County.

Schroeder states that the idea of totes will be “explored.” Doesn’t he understand that every town but Hamburg and Lancaster have them? If other towns can afford it, why can’t Lancaster also? Rats are a serious problem in the village area.

It’s pathetic that the so-called leaders of this village are not competent enough to work to solve this problem. The Village of Lancaster exists only for the benefit of the people who represent us. The people of Lancaster do not need this extra layer of government. It’s time to end the village and consolidate the entire town into one workable body of politicians who can actually do their job and give the taxpayers what they pay for.

Edward Lawrence

Village of Lancaster