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Letter: Do Americans really want bully running the country?

Do Americans really want bully running the country?

I found the article on Donald Trump’s bullying tactics very disturbing. At a time when much is being done to curtail the bullying that is encountered in our society, one would hope that those in the public eye would be mindful of their adverse behavior. Trump riles up the crowds by spewing suspicion, distrust and paranoia. He uses divisive rhetoric and has blatant disrespect for those who disagree. Yes, the nation’s approval of the present political scene is at an all-time low, but the question is, “Is this the type of person we want to lead our country as its next president?”

He’s not a role model of civil behavior. The majority of us have brought up our children to be the exact opposite of the type of character he portrays. I hope and pray that all those who wish to see our country regain its sense of civility and ethical behavior do some serious thinking about this next election. We all need to revisit the history of the 1930s.

Caroline Calamita