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Letter: Candidates must not stoop to Trump’s level

Candidates must not stoop to Trump’s level

I read Eugene Robinson’s op-ed “Stoop to Trump’s level?” and I feel he missed the real point of an election. About 98 percent of the time I agree with Robinson’s opinion, but this time he was dead wrong. First, he’s making judgments based on extremely skewed and limited returns that are not representative of this country. Second, he misinterpreted the results. We’re tired of an obstructive Congress and want to hear a loud voice that echoes these sentiments, but we also understand something even more important: This country needs both a strong leader and one who moves in the direction of progress.

I don’t believe that any sane person actually believes that Donald Trump will get Mexico to pay for a wall between the two countries. Most people know that walls don’t work; it didn’t work with the Great Wall of China, it didn’t work with the Berlin Wall and it won’t work with a Mexico-U.S. wall. It is just preposterous. It denies the wisdom of the history of the human race.

Lastly, only the voters can change this country. The voters’ responsibility begins with the election and continues throughout. The legislative branch and its members need to feel some real heat before they will ever compromise. If our candidates state their position clearly and forcefully, then the people must ensure that the House and the Senate back off and let the voice of the majority be respected. This can only happen if the person we elected is clear.

John Brandenberger