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Letter: Let’s stop labeling people on race, religion, sexuality

Let’s stop labeling people on race, religion, sexuality

During a recent visit to a medical practitioner I was given a form to fill out. One of the blank lines asked for race and one for ethnicity. I asked what this meant. She explained, and I thought the necessity of that question to be ridiculous, so I just wrote “human.” I will continue to do this on any form where that question is asked. Having some medical background, I understand that some illnesses can affect some regions of the world more than other. However, if the person shows symptoms, test for them. It is not that difficult in this age.

I happen to be German with one-quarter English. However, it would be difficult for my grandchildren to fill out that form. They are German, English, Irish, French, Polish, Lebanese and possibly some more. Isn’t this race thing getting just a little beyond rationality as opposed to nationality?

As far as letting immigrants into our country, would most of us be here without them? Remember learning in school that Columbus thought he was in India so he called the natives Indians? Who named America? And who called it the land of the free when Africans were kidnapped and brought here as slaves?

Let’s stop all this foolishness about color, language, religion, sexuality, etc. I doubt it will ever stop when it comes to money – that’s power! It amazes me that Jews, Christians and Muslims can all worship in Jerusalem and not fight. Judge not unless you would be judged and do unto others as you’d want done to you. I’m pretty sure that came from a very old book and I would like to add that the religion closest to Christianity is Islam.

We all laugh, cry, suffer, enjoy and, for the most part, pray. If you don’t, that’s OK, too. We are all trying to live the best we can. Be good to each other. It’s a tough life.

Judith F. Sawyer