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City Hallways (March 4) Mayoral trivia


Trivial  Pursuit - mayoral edition

A few things I learned Thursday about Mayor Brown:

He was a  Boy Scout as a kid.

His favorite Girl Scout cookies are Shortbread.

He has a Marvel comic book collection that includes comic books going back to the 1970s.

I learned all this during a Girl Scout cookie kickoff Brown had in his City Hall office Thursday afternoon with  Scout troop 31148

During the event, Brown bought lots of cookies, and shared some Shortbread cookies with the girls.

The mayor then asked each of the Scouts  what they are interested in doing with their futures..cookies3ullSizeRender

One wants to be a news reporter. One a civil engineer or soccer player. A couple aren't sure yet.  And Lizz Nieman of Cheektowaga likes to draw comic book characters.

Brown  suggested she consider creating a comic book with him as the superhero. With big muscles and a cool costume.

Lizz seemed to like the idea.


A Smokin' debate

The sidebar discussion on the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority's proposed smoking ban got so hot Thursday that it had to be taken outside the room.

A tenant from the A. D.  Price housing development,  a non-smoker,  spoke in favor of the proposed ban during  a public hearing.

"I am for non-smoking," Elizabeth Henderson said. "The air  system really is  no good. I am getting smoke  from other  people's  apartments, not  only  cigarettes but drug fumes as well."

A tenant from the Sedita Apartments,  a smoker,  spoke against  the ban. "It's wrong  not to be able to smoke in your  own home," said Dennis Waite.

The two got to talking after the  public hearing ended.

"You should  be ashamed of yourself," the A.D.  Price tenant said to the Sedita tenant.

"Why," the Sedita Apartments tenant asked the A.D.  Price tenant. "This  is about civil  rights. The Bill of Rights."
"There are no vents going to other rooms," he said.

As  the exchange got  more  heated, a BMHA staffer asked the two to take their argument outside because their raised voices were interfering with other conversations in the room.

The two went into the hallway, where the dispute continued without resolution, until both left to go home.

Deep South Taco News

The Taco restaurant that's the talk of Hertel - sometimes good talk, sometimes bad - is before the Planning Board Monday, and then the subject of a Common Council  public hearing 2 p.m. Tuesday.

Last day to vote

 City Hallways poll: Tell us what you think. Which of these nine issues do you consider the most important facing the city  of Buffalo? Next most important, and next after  that?

As always, I'll leave the poll up all week, then report back on the results next Monday, and try to have an analysis of results later in the week.

City Hallways readers know the routine. Only one ballot per person please.

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Some demographic info for analytic purposes please.

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