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Letter: When will offenders be held accountable?

When will offenders be held accountable?

When are people going to be held accountable? It’s amazing that when things are going great, people get praise and get rewarded, but when things go wrong, nobody takes responsibility.

Let’s start with the veterans. These men and women sacrifice their lives for us and when they return home, they sometimes wait for months to see a doctor; some die as a result. But the people who are running Veterans Affairs medical centers can lie and cheat about the waiting times and still receive a bonus. Meanwhile, vets are dying on our streets. Nobody takes responsibility for this, but they’ll take the bonus.

In Flint, Mich., somebody came up with an idea to save the city money by changing the water supply. When the citizens complained weeks later that the water was tainted, the politicians said they were wrong – the water was safe. Come to find out, it’s loaded with lead. Who gave the approval to change the water supply? Oh, no one did. Somebody had so sign off on it.

In our own state, Dean Skelos, who was a politician for 30 years, was convicted of corruption while in office. He was found guilty of these charges, yet we are paying his $95,000 a year pension. Doesn’t he have enough money from the kickbacks? If that was me, I’d be sentenced to prison and still have to pay back the money, but because he’s a politician, he gets away with it.

It’s time to take back our country.

Tim Marince