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Letter: SolarCity debacle is typical of trying to work with state

SolarCity debacle is typical of trying to work with state

The recent debacle with the state not paying the contractor for work performed and correctly billed for the SolarCity project is very typical of trying to do business with New York State. I have been in the construction industry for the past 40 years and have seen, for whatever reason, the bureaucrats in the state as well as others believing contractors are banks with loads of cash and getting rich on every project. The end result is what happened on the solar project – embarrassingly, the job gets shut down till the cash starts flowing. What a way to conduct business.

New York is not the only entity that operates with this philosophy. Developers are also one of the biggest offenders. Look at what is going on with the completed Buffalo schools project. The contractor has not been paid his final draw due to the belief by certain members of the School Board that the contractor made too much money on the project. I am not sure of the basis of this belief, but one thing is for sure: I haven’t seen the accusers wanting to reimburse contractors when money was lost on a project.

It seems to me time would be better spent by living up to the terms of the contract, paying your bills on time and going on to the next project rather than trying to always shortchange someone based on a personal unfounded belief.

Thomas C. Andrews, PE