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Amy Greenan and Patrick Robideau, home again at Indigo Art

The haunting and transporting sculptures of Patrick Robideau will join a series of dripping, geometric paintings by Amy Greenan in a new exhibition opening March 4 in Inidigo Art (47 Allen St.).

Through strikingly different media, Robideau and Greenan aim toward the same universal subject: the house. For both artists, it takes on symbolic meaning far beyond that of a simple container for human lives. Robideau’s sculptures carry echoes of his own childhood, sometimes tinged with the strange language of dreams. Greenan’s resolutely lonely paintings, which capture area houses in bright colors while obscuring the details of their facades, also have a dream-like quality, evoking a kind of nowhere-place where the house seems to exist completely its own. In a 2011 interview, she said her houses emerge from a kind of “purgatory.”

“Both artists imbue architectural forms with a sense of history, vulnerability and memory,” according to a statement from the gallery. “Robideau’s highly detailed, moody structures draw us in like hazy dreams. Mysterious and haunting, they are filtered memories of no specific place in particular, and yet very familiar. Greenan’s paintings of houses seem to somehow embody the very human traits that both connect us and act to isolate.”

The show, which hosts an opening reception at 6 p.m. Feb. 4 as part of Allentown First Fridays, runs through April 9. Call 984-9572 or visit

-Colin Dabkowski

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