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Letter: Oboist should go back to anger management

Oboist should go back to anger management

In every article that is written relative to Pierre Roy’s firing for blatant insubordination in both his dealings with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra’s management team and his obvious bullying of co-workers, his few supporters mention his talent as an oboist.

Steven Cohen, his lawyer, complains that this amazing oboist is such an attribute to the BPO that his behavior should be tolerated even though he is “moody or temperamental.” Who said someone who is talented should be tolerated for his total lack of respect for his employer and the professional people hired to do their jobs? He would have been fired much sooner if employed elsewhere.

Federal Court Judge Michael Telesca is doing Roy a favor in upholding the arbitrator’s ruling in a decision Feb. 9 relative to his firing. Roy needs to face reality and go back to anger management, like he did in 2010.

Kathy Hall-Zientek

East Aurora