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Letter: Lancaster officials working to eliminate rodent problem

Lancaster officials working to eliminate rodent problem

Rod Watson’s Feb. 25 column in The News was disappointing. His attempt to sarcastically ridicule our Lancaster community regarding rodent concerns is unfair and unfounded.

Surely there are rodents in Lancaster, like everywhere else. What can be done should be done. Residents and businesses alike need to do their part. Cleaning up promptly after pets, keeping bird feeder areas clean and storing garbage properly all are components of a rodent-free environment. As to those who are not good neighbors, the Village of Lancaster has and will continue to vigorously enforce nuisance ordinances.

Perhaps totes, upon which Watson seems obsessed, would be helpful. Yes, government spending on totes will be explored, but it is not the single and ideal answer. Local government’s fiscal responsibility, state unfunded mandates and a governor who wants to choke out smaller governments with a tax cap greatly inhibit added spending for the purchase of thousands of garbage totes.

Watson is welcome to visit Lancaster, speak with town and village officials and learn firsthand that, whether a unique problem or not, both the town and village are working diligently, prudently and responsibly to eliminate rodents from Lancaster.

Bill Schroeder

Trustee, Village of Lancaster