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Letter: Foul-mouthed comedian was anything but funny

Foul-mouthed comedian was anything but funny

Before his Friday night performance at Seneca Niagara Casino, I read an interview with Tracy Morgan, who kept repeating that his show was funny. So, we decided to go and let him entertain us for an hour or so. He forgot to mention that his routine was composed of F-bombs in every other sentence.

Now, I know all of the words that he used. I choose not to use them, either in mixed company or even when I am with only guys. My vocabulary is extensive enough that I can carry on a conversation without lowering myself to the level of the gutter. I can tell an off-color joke and get a laugh, but my presentation is acceptable to everyone. I have to wonder if this is how Morgan talks all the time. Bill Cosby, in spite of whatever he did off stage, was funny without being vulgar.

My wife and I have walked out on several movies, some that won Oscars. We walked out on Kathy Griffin and even George Carlin when he appeared at Kleinhans. Tim O’Shei did a review of the Morgan show in the Feb. 27 edition of this paper. He commented on a couple who left early and wondered why. We were that couple. I listed our reasons above. The only thing that would have made the show worse for us would have been if the tickets had not been comped.

John Bielinski

West Seneca