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Letter: Minority bloc can’t trust lawyer for School Board

Minority bloc can’t trust lawyer for School Board

At least the editorial board recognizes that Buffalo School Board member Carl Paladino is a problem. But a recent editorial said that he is committed to reform. What reform? Other than more charter schools, what is his reform agenda?

Three of the minority board members are education professionals and the third is a community activist. How can the editorial board rationally imply that these educated, professional black women are satisfied with the overall performance of the Buffalo schools and are striving to keep the status quo, as it so often does?

As to the minority members wishing their own lawyer, as I am sure the editorial board knows, from reading its own paper, the School Board lawyer hired by the superintendent has represented Jason McCarthy in a lawsuit, ran Larry Quinn’s campaign when he was running for the board and has no experience in school law. Why should the minority trust this lawyer’s decisions?

Paul R. Nevergold