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Letters for Feb. 14

Congrats to Northrop for beating the odds

Each Friday during the 2015 NFL season nine members of the sports department predicted the winner of each of the games played including the playoffs based on the Las Vegas betting line.

At the end of the season there were a total of 243 games played. Seven games ended in a tie and were not included in the total. Its important to keep in mind that the sports book retains 10 percent of the winnings. In order to have been on the plus side mathematically at the end of the season each of the writers needed to have chosen at least 128 winners and no more than 115 losers. Congratulations to Milt Northrop with 131 wins.

On the flip side if you would have chosen the opposite picks of Carucci (130 losses), Dunne (128), Skurski (128) or Gleason (131) you would have been a winner.

I only read the Buffalo News for its sports section. I believe Jerry Sullivan has the talent to write for any national sports magazine. Miguel Rodriguez’s reporting of scholastic sports as well as Budd Bailey’s reporting on the Buffalo Bandits and the area running scene are outstanding, but also under reported.

Joe Cyran

Las Vegas, NV

Bills should not waste time sending McCoy on his way

There was a reason Chip Kelly traded LeSean McCoy - and it wasn’t the color of his skin. McCoy is in a special class of elite athletes. These are the guys who care only about themselves, and not about their team or the integrity of the game.

They exist in all sports, and come in every color. The names Pete Rose, Johnny Manziel, and the recently shunned Terrell Owens, come to mind. They were all self-promoters who ultimately had a negative impact on their team and their sport. Kelly recognized these qualities in McCoy and did what any good coach would do - he got rid of him.

Now the Bills are stuck with McCoy and his fat contract. My advice is simple. Trade him now, and try to give the team some cap relief. Do it soon, before the league suspends him or he goes to jail.

George W Radka


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