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Letter: Drivers can avoid tickets by obeying traffic laws

Drivers can avoid tickets by obeying traffic laws

Shame on The News for suggesting that issuing tickets to traffic law violators is a ploy to fill city coffers and is not an obligation of the police to protect citizens by keeping streets safe. Driving is a privilege that requires obeying traffic laws. Speeding, rolling through stop signs, running red lights, failing to yield, driving up into crosswalks and blocking bus stops are illegal actions deserving a fine. Adherence to traffic laws saves the lives of those of us not encased in a rolling ton of metal.

If there really is targeted ticketing that denies area drivers their civil rights, then a U.S. Department of Justice audit should be conducted as was done in Ferguson, Mo., where it was shown that black drivers were unfairly targeted and given fines that served as an additional city tax. Short of a DOJ evaluation that proves otherwise, in Buffalo, please obey traffic laws and don’t get ticketed.

Lorna Peterson