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Members named to sales tax committee

BATAVIA – The Batavia City Council unanimously approved a resolution Tuesday assigning members Eugene Jankowski Jr. and Kathleen Briggs as the city’s representatives on a committee to review the sales tax allocation agreement with Genesee County, but not until after a discussion focusing on the process used to determine the appointees.

Council member Brooks M. Hawley questioned why Jankowski and Briggs were selected when several others had expressed their desire to serve on the committee. The reason given was that Jankowski was included since he is the council president and that Briggs was selected since she had previous experience in the sales tax issue.

“I believe that this decision should have been made by the entire City Council,” Hawley said.

The board agreed that Briggs should have recused herself from voting since she and Council member Patti Pacino were the ones given the authority to make the selections.

Jankowski said the entire board would take a closer look at the process and come up with a formal way to handle committee appointments in the future.