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Niagara County real estate transactions


• Lockport Road and Campbell Blvd., Stephan Sardella to Charles T. Kesterson; Christine E. Kesterson, $200,000.

• 5226 Baer Road, Myrtle D. Chafee; M. Dawn Chaffee; Myrtle Chaffee; Mytle Dawn Chaffee to Bear Stearns Asset Backed Securities I Trust; US Bank, $90,000.


• 2340 Countyline Road, Charles F. Qualiana; Pamela J. Qualiana to Marcus J. Miller, $15,000.


• Mary Lane, James Kelly; Margaret Kelly to Joanne M. Bonghi, $242,000.

• 1138 Jarrett Drive, Kevin E. Sheehy to HUD, $146,555.

• Garden Lane, Oxbow Development Corp. to Bridget M. Lipuma, $80,222.

• 1312 Ridge Road, Nadine M. Addenbrooke; Scott A. Addenbrooke to Joseph A. Olscamp Jr., $15,000.


• Van Buren St., Denise I. Dillon; Denise I. Robinson to Joshua H. Granzow, $96,940.

• Union St. & Chapel St., Kenneth R. Pfahlert and Margaret J. Pfahlert Trust; Terry Arthur Pfahlert to Bradley J. Sammarco, $69,640.

• Briarwood Drive, Craig Towlson; Kristine Towlson to Edward P. Sandell; Rosanna Sandell, $25,000.


• Keck Road, Gregory Sutton to Christan Phillips; Timothy D. Phillips, $176,000.

• 1-3 Gothic Lane, Henri Kursten to Karen R. Tillotson, $175,000.

• 7142 Akron Road, Robert D. Shilen to Mark A. Eglin; Stephen M. Eglin, $169,900.


• William St., Elmer C. Wagner; Julie A. Wagner; Richard C. Wagner to Barbara Bernard, $60,000.


• Godfrey Road, Heather E. Talladay; Jared A. Talladay to Brittney L. Hake; Joshua D. Hake, $120,000.

• Prospect St., Robert W. Wemple; Amy B. Wiltse to Nicholas K. Ketch, $100,000.

• Lake Road, Dwain W. Greenawalt; Sharon L. Greenawalt to Russell Farms, $80,000.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $1,740,000 Average price: $209,747 Median price: $60,000 Number of Sales: 23

• 6000 Niagara Falls Blvd., Graphite Mine Holdings to Store Master Funding VIII, $1,740,000.

• 6100 Niagara Falls Blvd., Graphite Mine Holdings to Store Master Funding VIII, $1,510,000.

• Niagara Falls Blvd., Graphite Mine Holdings to NFB Carbon Products, $350,000.

• 1215 Garfield Ave., KC Erie Niagara Properties to Frances Adams; Marisa Adams; Matthew Adams, $170,000.

• 4742 Creekside Parkway, Alfred E Flessel III to Traci S. Radle, $142,500.

• 3047 Delancey Road, Benjamin J. Gelyon to Bank of America, $140,374.

• 724 20th St., Aldo Lucantoni; Giannina Lucantoni; Yvette Lucantoni; Yvette D. Lucantoni; Anita Mundy to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp, $85,697.

• 728 60th St., Marie Abram to HUD, $82,804.

• 2734 Forest Ave., Aldo Mascaro to Samuel Slepian Trust; James L. Magavern; William J. Magavern, $75,000.

• Maple Ave., Joseph A. Catherine; Marie A. Catherine to Justina M. Sirianni; Sandra E. Sirianni, $65,000.

• 31st St., Jay M Fisher Jr. to 6690 LLC, $60,000.

• Main St., 723 Main St. Corp to Sukhdeep Singh, $60,000.

• 646 79th St., Mary F. Robinson; Perry W. Robinson to Perry W. Robinson, $52,500.

• Belden Place, Leo Benevento to 200183905 IRA; Equity Trust, $50,000.

• 1632 Falls St., KWEB Properties to DHGF LLC, $49,500.

• 123 67th St., Jeff S. Deweese; Jeffery S. Deweese; Phyllis O. Deweese; Stephen G. Deweese; Rebecca L. Moreno to Khawan E. Hooks, $48,000.

• Niagara Ave & 32nd St., Leo Benevento to 200183905 IRA; Equity Trust, $40,000.

• 1653 & 1755 East Falls St., Base Properties to Wing Properties, $26,000.

• 1421 22nd St., David C. Wright; Frances Wright; Frances M. Wright; Frances T. Wright to KWEB Properties, $21,000.

• 74th St., Bernadette Bomberry; Mary Ogrady to Irene Kelly, $17,000.

• 2472 Willow Ave., HUD to Brian Loy, $14,300.

• East Pierce Ave., Nehemiah Community Reinvestment Fund to Redbird Properties, $12,500.

• 411 Ferry Ave., Fannie Mae to Kathedral Housing, $12,000.


• Hagen Ave., Nelson Family Revocable Trust; Kathleen M. Calabrese; Eva Nelson; Patricia A. Rotko to Barbara A. Routhier, $142,000.

• Ironton St., Wayne Bordonaro to BMS Property Management Services, $130,000.

• 494 Bryant St., Kathleen A. Barra; Kathleen Anne Barra; Theodore F. Barra; Theodore Franz Barra to Fannie Mae, $124,016.

• 18 Monroe St., Brandy Barrington; Brandy A. Barrington; Ronald M. Lutz to HUD, $107,297.

• 1430 Jamaica Square, Fannie Mae to Ryan P. Killian, $105,000.

• 163 Jackson Ave., Nicole L. Thorn to Citimortgage Inc, $55,379.

• 35 Hyland Ave., LSF9 Master Participation Trust; Caliber Home Loans; US Bank Trust to Robert Bax; Joseph Bennett, $50,000.


• Devonshire Lane, NVR Inc; Ryan Homes of New York to Darlene Bradley; Steven P. Bradley, $288,495.

• Devonshire Lane, NVR Inc; Ryan Homes of New York to Kristofer Gregory; Shaelin Knebel, $284,715.

• Beach Ridge Road, Peter J. Tasca to Ronald Ballard, $125,000.


• 1579 Lake Road, John J. Brett; Nancy P. Brett to Ann Oakes; George Olinski, $280,000.


• 8 Chestnut Ridge Road, Kathryn A. Ames; Kathryn A. Lisiecki; Michael D. Lisiecki to Denise Linsey; Gordon Linsey, $160,000.

• Mountain Road & Peet St., Betty J. Munson to Nicole M. Sandford, $81,000.

• Lewiston Road, David F. Cooper; Sandra G. Palmer to David M. Hardy, $31,000.


• Inducon Dr East, Local 91 Realty Corp. to Empire Pipeline, $182,500.


• Wilcox St., Gretchen V. Fournier; Mary Jo Higginbotham; Maxanne G. Rees; Janice D. Sievert to Andrew Bell; Elaine Bell, $75,000.